About Us

Art of Sleep is an Allied Health provider dedicated to improving the quality of sleep for 3 - 25 year-olds in Tasmania.  We guide families in developing great bedtime routines to improve sleep quality and quantity.

Group Sessions

Group sessions will operate on a four week cycle, beginning with an  information session and continuing with weekly group sessions focused on resolving sleep problems, with ongoing support.

Our Products

We have a range of products aimed at promoting healthy sleep, and at making bedtime relaxing for you and your children, including Snug Rugz, Angel Mist (produced by Moon and Moss) and locally-made Pillow People.


Our staff will meet with you in your own home, or, if preferred, in a community house with whom we have partnered, to discuss your child’s sleep, and to guide your family in achieving a good night's rest.

Our Team

Jasz Mandari (Jasmin),  Psychologist

Philomena van Rijswjik, Senior Occupational Therapist

Melanie Jordan, Administrative Manager